The Best Crypto Reward Programs! #EarnCrypto #FreeCrypto

Updated: Feb 12

Rewards given in Crypto tend to be substantial amounts in hindsight. With that in mind, here are my top crypto related rewards programs.

First off, knowledge is essential. CryptoEQ is a must for anyone investing in the crypto market.

CryptoEQ - The best crypto research company. For $10 off premium membership use code "Rayven". Version 5 of the website is live now!

Secondly, Swan Bitcoin is my most used Bitcoin exchange. This company makes it simple to purchase Bitcoin using a dollar cost averaging strategy.

Swan Bitcoin - The cheapest & easiest way to auto-buy small amounts of bitcoin over time. Get $10 of free Bitcoin by using this link.

Coinbase - The most popular Crypto exchange. You can buy & sell all types of crypto assets here. Pro-tip: Log in to Coinbase Pro when it's time to buy/sell. Coinbase Pro is much cheaper than regular Coinbase. Also, there's an opportunity to earn free crypto by answering questions on Coinbase Learn & Earn. Get $10 by using this link.

Gemini - The second most popular Crypto exchange. You can buy & sell all types of crypto assets here. You can also earn interest on your assets using the Gemini Earn feature. Get $10 by using this link.

Gemini Credit Card - A credit card that pays rewards up to 3% rewards in Bitcoin or any crypto on Gemini. Join the waitlist with this link.

Fold - A Bitcoin rewards app, debit card, and gift card merchant. Buy gift cards to earn Bitcoin. Get 5,000 sats for using this link. A chance to win a small amount of Bitcoin each day with the app.

Strike - Buy & sell Bitcoin with no fees. Send and receive instant and secure borderless payments from your fingertips, with no added fees. Earn $5 when you sign up & verify using this link (C1GE41).

BlockFi - Earn daily interest on your crypto. You can also buy, transfer or earn on BlockFi. Interest accrues daily and is paid on the last day of the month. Get an extra $10 added to your account. Use the code 56f8ae84.